Music Echoes

by Aaron Hammes

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Those paths through to sympathy are the easiest to abuse, it seemed to me. It's almost too simple: wager all past history, divide each year into weeks and days, line up all the best hours and make your case through a solicitation of pity and precedence. There is perhaps no feeling as abnegating as being told that you are best-fit, but that good is good enough...


Music echoes through my otherwise empty skull
The vast cavern swept clear for the concert hall
Bows quiver, fingers tense at raised baton
Walls shiver, the first strains emerge upon

I can't hurt him, he arrived well before me
As I'm learning, he charts paths through to sympathy
I raise lightning, with the orchestra set for me
Brass bursting and the thunder of the tympani

Music echoes

I trace figures, the word lives in fours and threes
My signature: cut time played patiently
Notes trailing, we ride away to the end of the score
Lungs failing, players rise to adoring roar
An imposter steps down from the podium
I don't know him, but he found my old baton
He seems feeble and possessed of a grand disdain
I feel evil, and the murderous urge refrains

Music echoes


released December 12, 2016


tags: rock Chicago


all rights reserved


Aaron Hammes Chicago, Illinois

More or less what you'd expect, except when it isn't.

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